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22 Reasons Being a Nurse is Really Hard

22 Reasons Being a Nurse is Really HardYoure a nurse. You want to be a nurse. You know someone whos a nurse. No matter what your connection to nursing, were here to tell you just how hard it is for these folks who strive daily to keep us all alive and well. Theres no question about it, being a nurse is really hard. googletag.cmd.push(function() googletag.display(div-gpt-ad-1472832388529-0) ) Here are 22 prime examples of just how hard nursing can be.Nurses Must Have Extreme Confidence at All Times1. They routinely have to make life-and-death decisions for multiple patients at a time, often with little notice or preparation, i.e. a five-minute shift report.2. They can get transferred to a wing or department for a day (that they know almost nothing about) and be expected to act as though theyve been at it for 20 years.Nurses Have Encyclopedic Knowledge and Stellar Memory3. Theyll get berated by a doctor for the one thing they forgot, but never thanked for the 1001 things they manage t o hold in their head throughout a shift.4. They have to know all there is to know about 18,000+ medications etiology, classification, contraindications, dosage, allergies, etc.5. They need to be able to determine the significance of lab results and decide whether to bring in a doctor in the middle of the night if there are obscure abnormalities in your bloodwork or tests.6. They actually read the research findings taped to the back of the bathroom stall door by the higher-ups.7. No matter how old they are, theyre often asked to learn whole new software systems from scratch.8. They can take your pulse with nothing but their fingers and a watch in 15 seconds flat.Nurses are Caretakers of Everyone Around Them9. They have to figure out what to feed themselves and their families while theyre cleaning out your catheters and bedpans.10. They have to manage carePT, OT, radiology, diet, social services, medications, consultants, and wound carefor multiple patients at a time, but also remembe r where they put their car keys.11. They need a doctors permission to write you a prescription for extra strength ibuprofen, but are routinely trusted to float catheters through patients hearts and veins to monitor them on the regular.At the Expense of Their Own Health12. If they want to eat, they probably have to have the names and phone numbers of all the local take-out places stored in their memory.13. They often arrive at work when its still dark out and go home after its dark again.14. They feel guilty leaving their patients for the 1o to 30minutes they (maybe) get to take for lunch.15. They spend 12+ hours a day on their feet and still are told by their own doctors that they should get more exercise.16. They probably have two dozen sets of scrubs, but none without a stain from someones bodily fluid.17. More often than not, they wont get a chair when they need one at the nurses station.The Have a Unique Set of Quirks and Everyday Problems18. They might have to choose a doctor f or themselves based on whether that doctor is kind to nurses.19. They have to know their patients by diagnosis and room number before they can bother with a name.20. They probably feel naked without their stethoscope, pen, or other crucial implement.21. Their worst nightmares involve anything from losing patients to doctors calling them and they cant find a patients chart.22. They have to learn to read doctors handwriting.Bottom line its hard to be a nurse. If you are one, thank you for all you do. If youre not, go thank a nurse

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How I Became Director of Mom and Baby at My Company And What the Heck That Means

How I Became Director of Mom and Baby at My Company And What the Heck That Means The Affordable Care Act changed many lives across the country by making healthcare mora accessible. But one thing many people dont know is that the ACA made breastfeeding more accessible for working moms and reinvigorated an entire industry. As Director of Mom and Baby at Aeroflow Healthcare, I lead the Aeroflow Breastpumps division. Heres how the division came to be, and how we achieve our mission to make breastfeeding better for all types of moms.Why my company started a breastpumps division.When I started as an inside sales representative at Aeroflow Healthcare, a medical equipment provider, my knowledge of breast pumps and breastfeeding came from my own experience as a working mom who had the goal to breastfeed for at least one year. That personal experience proved beneficial when I moved into Business Development, and the Affordable Care Act was passed in 2013.After the ACA passed, and most insuran ce plans began covering the cost of a breast pump, our kollektiv realized there was a great need to make getting a breast pump through insurance as simple and accessible as possible. That small idea turned into a new division Aeroflow Breastpumps very quickly.What we do.Our goal as a division isnt just to provide a pump. We try to match moms with the best breast pump available to suit their individual needs. Every mom and every breast is different, and our business grew because we recognized that, and trained our Breastpump Specialists to be experts in their field.Aeroflows community of Breastpump Specialists are passionate about helping moms. From navigating insurance to matching them with the perfect pump, were also here to answer questions. We also want to increase the instance of breastfeeding nationally, and our approach is to be a trusted resource and advocate for every new and expectant mother through support and education.Why I became Director of Mom and Baby.My experience as a breastfeeding and pumping mom helped me landsee the pumping experience from both a business and personal perspective. I always knew I wanted to breastfeed, but as is the case with many new moms, I wasnt nearly as prepared for the experience as I thought Id be. Also like many new moms, breastfeeding didnt come naturally for me. I relied on support from my lactation consultant, husband, and other moms to help me reach my one-year goal. I didnt have a breast pump until I returned to work, and I had to pay for it out-of-pocket. That made using one very difficult.In many ways, I see working at Aeroflow Breastpumps as a way for me to pay it forward by helping thousands of new moms on their breastfeeding journeys.Theres still more work to be done.While weve made such great strides in normalizing breastfeeding, there is still work to be done. Working moms, stay-at-home moms, exclusively breastfeeding moms - they all deserve respect and support. Following my heart on this breastfeeding journey and advocating for moms may have gotten me to the fleck of Director of Mom and Baby, but my adventure isnt over. We have new moms starting on their own breastfeeding journeys every day, and Im excited to see how our team can continue to support them and help them reach their breastfeeding and pumping goals.---JenniferJordanis the Director of Mom Baby atAeroflow Healthcare, a durable medical equipment provider that has provided breast pumps through insurance to hundreds of thousands of women. A working and once-breastfeeding mom,Jennifer- along with her team - is committed to supporting all moms on their breastfeeding journey through support, education, and exceptional customer service.

Thursday, March 5, 2020

The Appeal of Resume Writing Tips Skills

The Appeal of Resume Writing Tips Skills In reality, you should talk with faculty and career advisors in your field no matter what, but here are some essential principles designed to assist you begin. As soon as its tempting to deem yourself an expert, as soon as you get the interview or job, you might want to show your claim. Keep reading for ourtips and ideas on how to construct a functional resume to create a winning resume which encompasses all your skills, achievements and experiences applicable to the work vacancy. With just a little practice, you are going to be writing effective resumes that is going to be getting you the interviews you require for the job which youve always desired. Editing is a huge portion of writing, and youll be able to discover new and better ways to inform your story if you review your resume and make changes on a standard basis. Skills-based resumes may also permit you to combine related work and other experience during the skills-based heading s. Soft abilities, on the flip side, arent simple to quantify. Key skills are work-related skills that you will need to do a job. Hard skills arent skills that are tough to learn. Soft skills arent that measurable. By paying attention to the particular phrasing employed in the work description, you will know precisely what to concentrate on in your skills section. If you dont have sufficient experience and expertise to fill up more than 1 page, it is reasonable to actively distill what you would like to say to meet that one-page cut-off. 3 First, you must select the best skills for your resume. Some grammar and spelling mistakes can be readily missed. Then make a list of your matching skills that youre able to incorporate in your resume. If youre asking for a job which has unique requirements, you might need another edition of your resume to completely demonstrate your qualifications. Your skills section stipulates a window into how much capability it is possible to br ing to the provider. Putting your skills section at the peak of your resume (below your intro and above your professional experience) places them in the spotlight in the place where they belong, and provides the hiring manager easy and quick accessibility to the information that theyre searching for.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

4 Healthcare Careers That Dont Require Medical School

4 Healthcare Careers That Dont Require Medical School4 Healthcare Careers That Dont Require Medical SchoolAs the old saying goes, the only things certain in life are the need for medical care and taxes. While we may have paraphrased that popular axiom when it comes to reliable and lucrative career paths, the healthcare industry is a solid choice for long term stability and solid compensation packages.While it may be a lucrative area in which to stake your career-claim, jobs in the healthcare field tend to also require hefty education bills and a large investment of time to obtain the necessary certification. Medical school alone can cost you nearly $250,000 over the course of a four-year curriculum. This doesnt include your cost of living for the period of reduced earning capacity during your residency or other ancillary expenses.With a growing healthcare field, however, the types of positions in this lucrative market are expanding at an equally healthy pace. This brings opportunity in various offshoot fields in healthcare, including ones that dont require a degree from a costly medical school. Want to know more? Here are four careers that you can snag without all the hassle of earning that tassel.Home Health AideHave a nurturing spirit? Like working with people one on one to help them heal and overcome injury and illness? Dont mind working out in the field or in a different location on a day to day basis? Then a job as a home health aide may be just what the doctor ordered. With out-of-institution care becoming the increasing norm for long term care, and insurance agencies realizing keeping patients at home keeps them healthier and reduces costs, this is a field thats experiencing monumental growth. Expect to perform basic medical tasks such as administering medicines and helping the ill, or impaired tend to personal needs. Stable, fulfilling work in a growing field sounds like a win-win to us.Ticket to Success?Licensing requirements will vary from state to st ate, but in most places, all that is needed is basic certification courses and a minimum education requirement. Online and in-person vocational schools will help get you out in front of other candidates.Home Health Aid JobsPharmacy TechnicianProfessionals in the pharmaceutical field play a vital role in weighing, preparing and dispensing vital medications to help keep those with medical needs healthy. Accuracy and professionalism are critical as well as an eye to detail. Legible handwriting and an ability to decipher doctors scrawl is also a huge plus. Customer service skills are also required but, in return, a healthy, stable income is nearly guaranteed.The Nitty Gritty RequirementsSome schooling and specialized certification will be required in order to dispense medications to those in need. Specialized pharmacy may also be required in some states so check your local licensing rules. While more than a basic high school ed, the long term prospects of the field will more than return any potential investment. Pharmacy Technician JobsMedical Office AssistantFew careers in the healthcare field see as varied a set of daily duties as that of the medical office assistant. From scheduling to billing, office assistants in medical offices make sure the day to day practice keeps on running like a well oiled machine. Youre going to need solid customer service skills in order to interact with the varied patient personalities that walk through the door of a medical office. Having a solid understanding of billing terms and a good deal of patience to work with insurance companies and vendors will also go a long way to success and satisfaction.The Essential RequirementsCourses or training in medical billing may be required depending on the specific office duties. In many cases, no parteicular training or certification will be required. Vocational programs may give you the leg up in this competitive field, and some employers may even require special licensing. A far cry from m edical school and well worth the effort in this high-return field.Medical Office Assistant JobsPhysical Therapy AideIf you have a passion for helping people in pain and a desire to be fulfilled with a hands on approach to healing, a career as a physical therapy aide might be in the cards for you. Rising medical costs mean that insurers and individual patients are seeking alternatives to surgery and costly procedures before resorting to more severe measures. Working with patients to adhere to strict physical regimens, filling out claims paperwork and the ability to lift both human and equipment weight on occasion will be a daily part of the job. If you have a sincere desire to make people whole and a knack for human anatomy, this may be just the career path for you.Just How to Get ThereWhile there wont be any specific licensing requirements, minimum education in physical anatomy will definitely be a plus. A background in physical education will be helpful and may give you a heads up on the best positions. The rest will come with on the job training, and lots of it, so be prepared for a fun and educating ride on the way to your new career.Physical Therapy Aide JobsThe Bottom LineWhether one of these lucrative careers in the healthcare field or a similar position, medical school isnt the only road on the path to helping those in need. A variety of positions offer the fulfillment and rewards of a career in health, without the need for costly medical degrees. Whichever your choice, choose a position you love, and as the accurately quoted real saying goes this time, youll never work a day in your life.

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Cultivating Tomorrows Engineers

Cultivating Tomorrows Engineers Cultivating Tomorrows Engineers What does it take to change the worldor even your own community? A 21st century innovator needs creativity, communication skills, and a firm grasp of science, technology and engineering.Sadly, American students lag in technical knowledge. Only 32.4 percent of U.S. undergraduates earn science or engineering degrees. In Japan, Germany and China, over 56 percent of students receive them.Recently, out-of school programs have taken a major role in science literacy. The nations largest youth association, 4-H, reaching six million American children, is spurring passion for science, engineering, and technology.Best-known for agricultural science and nutrition projects, 4-Hs century-long history also includes engineering education. In the 1940s, rural electrical engineering committees raised awareness of circuitry and control systems. As farm equipment evolved, mora Americans discovered small-engine design. In 4-H projects, kids explored electrical and mechanical engineering in everyday life.These students, participating in national and regional 4-H technology conferences, applied engineering and mathematics to design, program, and operate robots made from Legos.Richard Mahacek, county director and 4-H youth development advisor at the University of California, was a 1960s 4-Her. In electrical projects, we made toy buzzers and electromagnets. It was an opportunity to internalize and understand electricity, not from a textbook, but from hands-on activities that brought concepts to life, he remembers.Now a member of national science, engineering and technology (SET) programs, Mahacek teaches fifth through eighth graders about design, electricity, torque, gears, motion, and force via a robotics curriculum. With fewer vocational and industrial classes, kids have little hands-on opportunity. They may get the right answer on a test, but have no idea how something works in real-life.Five million 4-H science, engine ering and technology projects take place, annually, in Americas communities. We try to meld inquiry with experiential learning. They get a chance to explore, then apply their understanding to other applications, Mahacek said.Since 2008, 4-H National Youth Science Day has promoted scientific and technical careers. By 2013, an expanded SET program, One mio New Scientists. One Million New Ideas, will reach a broader audience. Now developing a range of SET programs that meet National Science Education Standards (NSES), 4-H constantly evaluates and revises new curricula.Some corporations provide national SET support. A 2008 Toyota grant provided nearly $1.5 million for 4-H2Online, an interactive learning experience involving water conservation issues and environmental engagement. The 3M Foundation funded The Power of the Wind, teaching how to use engineering principles to design and build alternative energy projects, with wind as the primary resource.As part of the U.S. Department of Agr icultures Cooperative Extension System, 4-H science and engineering programs, created by university researchers, are widely distributed, through school systems and partner youth groups. Instructors and community volunteers, at Cooperative Extension offices in every county, teach new curricula within months of approval.Rapid dissemination allows 4-H projects to incorporate cutting-edge technology. Aaron Schroeder, a project engineer, credits a 4-H robotics club with honing mechanical engineering and communication skills. We had to pay attention to detail and learn how to present our projects, said Schroeder. When I became a 4-H junior leader, I needed a good understanding of what I was talking about so I could effectively communicate those principles to other people.Some 4-H programs are rooted in its agricultural heritage. A Nebraska program uses robotics and geo-spatial principles to teach the science and engineering behind precision agriculture. Kids work in teams with a ton of co ol equipment, said Bradley Barker, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln assistant professor who helped create that curriculum. In community mapping projects, kids take coordinates and build maps of their schools, so its personally relevant.Barker helps youngsters connect their 4-H activities to future possibilities, like careers in mechanical engineering, programming, or robotics. He visits middle schools to promote science-oriented courses.SET education stirs national debate. Educators, parents and politicians, agree that students should be encouraged and prepared for engineering and technical fields, but acknowledge that schools cant do enough. Extra-curricular programs, like 4-Hs, rich in hands-on projects and adult participation, are filling the gaps.Theyll strengthen Americas competitive position, by stimulating scientific and technical learning that young people need to become 21st century leaders and innovators.Adapted from Growing a New Crop of Engineers, by Kathleen Jamison, fo r Mechanical Engineering, December 2008.Best-known for agricultural science and nutrition projects, 4-Hs century-long history also includes engineering education.

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How to Use Pinterest for Your Job Search

How to Use Pinterest for Your Job SearchHow to Use Pinterest for Your Job SearchPinterest is a web-based bulletin board where users pin pictures A LOT of pictures They pin pretty clothes, foods that make you drool, and home dcor. So how would Pinterest come into play when searching for a job? Heres a few ideasSearch for companies you want to work forMost companies if theyre smart have figured out the value of Pinterest for marketing and sales. As a job seeker, you can get a sense of the companys culture and overall tone just by following their pin boards. What insights might you discover?Their marketing focusHow they talk what language they use to talk about their products or companyCompany atmosphere are they casual or suit and tieUsing these simple insights could help show youve done your homework and understand the company when you get that interviewCreate a visual representation of your resumePut your resume on Pinterest as a portfolio. What does that mean? Create a visual representation of your resume or professional experience by creating boards for your work experience, accomplishments, awards, classes/certifications, degrees, even interests and hobbies. If you can find a photo to demonstrate these things visually, youre creating an eye-catching portfolio that you can share.Follow College Career OfficesSome schools arent on Pinterest yet but you can follow any that are and get some expert job advice i.e. how to dress professionally, job search tips, career search advice.Seek out Career ExpertsThere are quite a few independent career experts using Pinterest to help job seekers. Search out your faves (Google search) and follow their boards.Get InspiredPinterest is an easy way to find the things that you love and when youre right in the middle of job searching or just trying to figure out what you want to do when you grow up, it can be a great way to forget about all the stress youre underCreate your own boards to make yourself happy and to simply fee l good Before you head out to your next job interview, browse through your motivational pins to put yourself in a confident, happy place. Happy Pinning

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How to Save Your Job If You Are About to Be Fired

How to Save Your Job If You Are About to Be FiredHow to Save Your Job If You Are About to Be FiredMaybe youve suddenly found yourself bumped from your biggest projects, or moved to the top of your bosss list of scapegoats. Whatever the reason, if you see signs that youre about to be fired, you cant afford to stick your head in the sand and hope it will pass. While certain aspects of your relationship with your employer are beyond your control for example, if the company is doing poorly, no amount of effort on your part will alter that there are some things you can do to try to save your job. Talk to Your Boss If your boss knows youre on your way out but cant tell you yet chances are that shes doing her level best not to talk with you. Your goal open the lines of communication, without looking desperate or like a stalker. This is easier said than done. If theres a layoff coming, or youre about to be fired for another reason, your manager has every incentive not to talk to you. For one thing, theres the chance she might give something away for another, unless shes a monster, the odds are that she feels pretty bad about the situation right now, regardless of how youve been getting along. Your best way forward is to look for opportunities to connect that arent associated with impending doom. In other words, talking about your day-to-day work is good, while insisting on getting the lowdown on your future with the company is very, very bad. If your boss will talk to you, and you feel a certain level of comfort in the conversation, it may be safe to ask how things are going. Let her know that youre always interested in hearing constructive criticism on your performance. This is particularly useful if your relationship with your employer is only just starting to sour. Make sure youre willing to practice what you preach, and take seriously any feedback you receive, and take steps to show that youre improving. If your boss wont talk to you at all, youll at least know that things are beyond salvaging, and will be able to make other plans. Join a New Team Sometimes, managers and reports just dont connect, through no fault of anyone involved. If you feel like you and your boss no longer see eye to eye, it might be time to look for openings on other teams in the company. You can get a fresh start without rolling over your 401k and starting over somewhere else. This is also a good approach if the issue is that your department is on the chopping block, and youre facing a layoff. Look for teams whose budgets and headcount seem to increase every quarter. Thats the safest place to weather any coming storms. Look for Essential Projects Quick what does your company do? If its like most organizations, it has a core product or products that are the grund for its reputation and business. If youre looking for a new home at the company, getting closer to these projects will help you stay off the layoff list. Do Some Soul-Searching Most compani es do annual reviews, but a year can be a long time in your tenure at an organization. Ask yourself whether youre still meeting your goals and making progress on needs-to-improve areas. If you come up short in own assessment, make a plan to remedy the situation. Then, make sure that your boss knows what youre working on. On the other hand, if you feel like youre doing what you should be doing, think about whether youre communicating that to the right people. Politics is perception, even on a small scale. Its not just what you do, but what youre seen doing. If youre someone who shies away from tooting your own horn, remember that no one knows how hard youre working unless you communicate that to them. Its not bragging if its true, and if you dont tell your boss what youre doing, someone else can claim credit. Ask to Be Laid off Instead If youve tried to fix things with your manager, improve your performance, and ally yourself with another department, and cant make it work, you ha ve one last card to play ask to be laid off. Youre more likely to be eligible for unemployment if your termination is considered a layoff rather than being fired for cause or quitting. From the employers perspective, a layoff might be preferable, too, even if it means paying out unemployment because they can require you to sign a document stating that you wont pursue legal action for wrongful termination. This is a cost savings for them, as well as a better situation financially and professionally for you. In any case, it cant hurt to ask. When Its Time to Go Finally, its important to musiknote that sometimes, your number is just up. If you get the sense that youre about to lose your job, whether through a layoff or by being fired, now is the time to update your resume, make coffee dates with former colleagues, and connect with old bosses on LinkedIn. Start looking now, and maybe by the time your pink slip hits the mail, youll be well on your way to your next gig. Whatever you d o, keep it professional and keep your chin up. Some of the most successful people in the world have been fired from jobs and gone on to great things. One reversal isnt necessarily a judgment on your abilities today or in the long run. Take what youve learned, and move on to bigger and better things.